Creating a legacy can be challenging for high-net-worth individuals because of the size of their assets and the complexity of the vehicles used to pass wealth to the next generation. But there are many other considerations. In a recent article published in Private Wealth, Robert Kuchner, CPA, PFS, shares his experience and observations on:

  • The psychological and emotional impact of inheritance decisions
  • How to help your clients establish their goals so you can design an appropriate plan
  • The risks of transferring wealth to the next generation
  • Alternatives to a traditional legacy planning

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Are We There Yet? 

In a recent panel discussion,“Overbuilding/Over-Supply," held at this year's NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, moderator Lawrence Cohenexplored the ins and outs of the US hospitality industry and the possibility that we are near the top of our business cycle. The hospitality industry is full of peaks and valleys. While we could be heading to a peak, the question is: Are we there, yet? Learn more in his most recent article. 

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Marks Paneth’s Past, Present and Future Covered in INSIDE Public Accounting

Harry Moehringer, Managing Partner, and Mark Levenfus, Chairman of Morison KSi, were recently featured in INSIDE Public Accounting in an article titled, “Marks Paneth Changes Leadership Structure, Takes Lead in Morison KSi.”

The article profiles Marks Paneth’s recent history and the strategic decisions that have helped to mold today’s firm. It also lays out the blueprint for how the firm plans to continue to grow going forward.

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