For foreign investors, it may be tempting to hurriedly rush into the flourishing New York real estate market, which has recovered much faster than expected from the 2008 financial crisis. It’s small wonder, therefore, that savvy investors are attracted to New York real estate, but they should not go it alone. In a recent article, Alexander X. Wang and Carl Leung discuss considerations that should be made prior to investing foreign capital into the market.

This article, “Foreign Investors Need a Roadmap as They Flock to New York Real Estate”, was originally published in the September 2015 issue of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.

FASB Roundtable on Proposed Nonprofit Accounting Standards

Marks Paneth was invited to attend one of two FASB roundtable meetings held on September 21 to discuss our views with the FASB Board and their technical managers on the Proposed Accounting Standard update (exposure draft) which suggests major revisions to the way nonprofit financials will look in the future. We expect the draft standard will undergo revisions as a result of the comments and roundtable input that the FASB received from Marks Paneth and the other roundtable participants. One more roundtable is being held in Los Angles in October.

Read a summation of the September 21 roundtable discussion here.

To Operate or Not Operate Your Hotel Restaurant Yourself... That is the Question

For hotel owners who have cash on hand as a result of a healthy economy and who are looking to upgrade services, the restaurant is a natural item in a renovation project. But upgrading the restaurant isn’t an easy matter. To put it in stark terms – restaurants don’t work the way hotels do: they are different businesses that can easily wind up in conflict.

In his article, Larry Cohen discusses the options, the risks and the rewards of upscaling your hotel restaurant, running it yourself, franchising a national brand, leasing it or bringing in a third party to manage the business.  There are traps for the unwary, so be realistic and informed. 

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