Josefina V. Tranfa-Abboud, Ph.D., CFE, MAFF

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Josefina V. Tranfa-Abboud Ph.D., CFE, MAFF, is a Principal in the Financial Advisory Services Group at Marks Paneth LLP. Dr. Tranfa-Abboud has extensive experience in economic analysis related to labor and employment disputes such as employment discrimination and other employment disputes, as well as claims of product liability, personal injury and wrongful death. Dr. Tranfa-Abboud also has extensive experience in the analysis of damages in commercial disputes involving claims of breach of contract business interruption and professional malpractice. Dr. Tranfa-Abboud provides research, statistical analysis and damages analysis, has served as an expert witness at deposition and at trial and is retained as an economic expert by both plaintiffs and defendants. Dr. Tranfa-Abboud also provides consulting services in transfer pricing, as well as other areas of economic analysis.

Before joining Marks Paneth, she was a senior economist for Econometrix Research Associates, an economic consulting services firm in New York City, where she was responsible for consulting services and analysis in labor and employment disputes and commercial disputes. She also served as a research economist for ERS Group, a nationally recognized labor and employment consulting firm, in Washington, DC and in Tallahassee, Florida. At ERS Group, Dr. Tranfa-Abboud was responsible for the design and implementation of economic modeling in complex class action employment discrimination disputes.

Prior to her arrival to the United States, Dr. Tranfa-Abboud was an advisor to the Chief of the Central Budget Office in the Venezuelan government. She provided consulting services to the Commission for the Reduction of Public Expenditure, a committee appointed by the President of Venezuela, and also served as an economic advisor to the Central Planning Office of Venezuela. Dr. Tranfa-Abboud was also a member of that government’s privatization committee, which was charged with providing analysis and support for the process of restructuring public enterprises such as aluminum and steel plants, which were later privatized.

Dr. Tranfa-Abboud holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Florida State University and a BS in Economics from Universidad Central de Venezuela. She has also earned the designations of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF). Her academic experience includes teaching quantitative methods and econometrics at the doctoral level at Rutgers University. She has also taught at Florida State University and at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. In addition to English, she is also fluent in Spanish and Italian, her native languages.

She is a member of the American Economic Association, the National Association of Forensic Economics, the Financial Women’s Association and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Dr. Tranfa-Abboud has been published in the Journal of Forensic Economics, the Employee Relations Law Journal, CCH Human Resources Management Ideas and Trends, the NY Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and through the New York State Bar Association’s seminar series. She is based in Marks Paneth’s midtown Manhattan headquarters.

Josefina V. Tranfa-Abboud — Areas of Practice:

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Labor and Employment
Commercial Damages
Transfer Pricing