Are New York City commercial
  property values plateauing? Yes,
  and  perhaps reaching the top of the   roller  coaster, say 54% of New York   real  estate executives.  A quarter,
  22%,  think that commercial property values  in the city will begin to decline while  only 37% believe values will continue to rise, according to the Spring 2015 Gotham Commercial Real Estate Monitor survey results from Marks Paneth, the research sponsor.  107 professionals, including owners and managers of commercial property, commercial real estate brokers and agents, and attorneys, accountants and other professionals specializing in the sector, participated in the survey which was conducted from February 25 to March 31, 2015, by Michaels Opinion Research.

Read the full Gotham Commercial Real Estate Monitor survey report here.

To operate or not to operate your hotel restaurant yourself...that is the question

  Upscaling your hotel restaurant
  can do wonders for your brand
  and a top-flight restaurant can be
  a draw in its own right. So if
  you’re a hotel owner  looking to
  upgrade services, how  should your approach your restaurant makeover? Leasing the operation to a  third party may be the obvious  answer and profitable to boot, or you may decide to run the restaurant yourself. But whatever choice you make, there are traps for the unwary.

Larry Cohen, partner and Hospitality Group Leader, has written an article, "To Operate or Not to Operate Your Hotel Restaurant Yourself". For the hotel owner undertaking a restaurant renovation, Larry reviews a number of options and the risks and rewards of each.

Morison International Appoints Mark Levenfus, Marks Paneth Managing Partner, as New Chairman

  Mark Levenfus, Managing
  Partner, Marks Paneth, has been
  appointed Chairman, Morison
  International (MI), the global
  association of independent
  accounting and professional services firms.  The appointment was announced at MI’s recent 25th anniversary conference in Copenhagen.

Mr. Levenfus will take over from Jean-Pierre Larroze who announced his decision to step down as chairman after 14 years, effective January 1, 2016.  Mr. Larroze, a member of Aplitec, France, one of MI’s four founding firms, will continue as an MI director.

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