Location, Location and Tax Implications

In a recent article, Alexander Wang, Partner, and Kenneth Siu, Manager with the firm’s Tax Group, discuss the 1980 Foreign Investment in Real Property Act (FIRPTA) and its implications, as well as best practices for foreign investors to accomplish their business goals while successfully navigating the US tax system.

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Marks Paneth’s Past, Present and Future Covered in INSIDE Public Accounting

Harry Moehringer, Managing Partner, and Mark Levenfus, Chairman of Morison KSi, were recently featured in INSIDE Public Accounting in an article titled, “Marks Paneth Changes Leadership Structure, Takes Lead in Morison KSi.”

The article profiles Marks Paneth’s recent history and the strategic decisions that have helped to mold today’s firm. It also lays out the blueprint for how the firm plans to continue to grow going forward.

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Join Us at the 2nd Annual Nonprofit Opcon

Join Nonprofit and Government Group Partners Michael McNee, Hope Goldstein and Sibi Thomas – as well as special guest Dr. Jeremy Kohomban, CEO of The Children’s Village – for an insightful panel session on nonprofit risk assessment strategies and best practices for long-term sustainability at this year’s 2nd Annual Nonprofit OpCon on June 9, 2016.

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