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November 8, 2016

The latest edition of Doing Business Guides ― which focuses exclusively on the UK ― has just been released.

Despite the economic slowdown of the last decade, the UK has come back strongly and continues to provide a stable economic environment, with a transparent regulatory and legal environment that is welcomed by local and international businesses. In fact, the UK is still the number one destination for foreign direct investment in Europe,

The main purpose of the new guide is to provide a broad overview of the various issues that should be considered by organizations when considering setting-up business in the UK.

Tax Alert: Tax IRS proposed regulations target gift and estate tax planning strategies

By Lawrence Cohen
September 7, 2016

The IRS has released proposed regulations that would close so-called tax loopholes that many wealthy taxpayers have used to minimize gift and estate taxes when transferring interests in a closely-held family business to relatives. If finalized, the regulations would significantly limit the effectiveness of certain tax-saving vehicles, including family limited partnerships, for reducing the value of transferred interests for tax purposes. This article details the proposed regulations. 

Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individuals

November 16, 2009

As the financial crisis took hold, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) watched their wealth decline and quickly lost faith in their wealth managers. Many withdrew assets or left their wealth management firms altogether. But as the economy improves, wealth management firms are seeking ways to alter their business models and provide a better service to their increasingly risk-averse clients, who are demanding more transparency on how their fortunes are managed.