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To operate or not to operate your hotel restaurant yourself...that is the question

  Upscaling your hotel restaurant
  can do wonders for your brand
  and a top-flight restaurant can be
  a draw in its own right. So if
  you’re a hotel owner  looking to
  upgrade services, how  should your approach your restaurant makeover? Leasing the operation to a  third party may be the obvious  answer and profitable to boot, or you may decide to run the restaurant yourself. But whatever choice you make, there are traps for the unwary.

Larry Cohen, partner and Hospitality Group Leader, has written an article, "To Operate or Not to Operate Your Hotel Restaurant Yourself". For the hotel owner undertaking a restaurant renovation, Larry reviews a number of options and the risks and rewards of each.


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For the fifth year in a row, Marks Paneth LLP has been ranked among the top three forensic accounting providers serving the New York metropolitan area in the New York Law Journal (NYLJ) Annual Reader Rankings Survey.  We are the only major regional firm to be voted among the top three firms in this category in all five years of the survey.

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We're Marks Paneth, an accounting firm committed to our clients' success. Our priority is to help them make smart decisions at every turn.

As a growing firm – now one of the largest in the New York region – our focus is on giving clients access to the best and most experienced professionals in our industry, regardless of the discipline. Even as we grow, we stick to our culture of personal attention and customized services.

We aim to provide value to our clients throughout the life of the relationship and to maintaining an open dialogue. We expect and encourage ongoing communication about the changing business, tax and financial landscape.

Please click here if you would like contact information for specific Marks Paneth services and industries.