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Our commitment to clients and innovation translates into unique opportunities for you. We offer self-starters the chance to try new areas of expertise that are the hallmarks of a stand-out career.

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Interesting Work, Great People

“I’ve been here just over a year and my clients have varied from real estate, to jewelry manufacturers/wholesalers, to fast food franchisees. I’ve been exposed to both audit and tax work, giving me a better understanding of how businesses actually function. The best part has been the people I work with. My team is hard working and knowledgeable—which motivates me to be on my best game—not to mention a lot of fun to hang out with.”

— AARON, Semi-Senior, Commercial Businesses Group (Rutgers Business School)


Work in Tandem with Partners

“It’s important to me to be able to work closely with engagement partners and participate in every stage of a client project, from the initial planning to the final product. Here, I get to do just that. I work closely with the subject matter experts.”

— CARL, Supervisor, Real Estate Group (University at Buffalo)