Qualified Opportunity Zones

The federal Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) program provides an unprecedented incentive for individuals and businesses to invest in designated low-income communities across the country. Advantages of the program include a temporary tax deferral of capital gains redeployed into a qualified opportunity fund, a capital gain reduction through a special basis adjustment and a permanent gain exclusion if the property or business is held for 10 years or more.

The key to realizing the full value of this incentive is developing the right strategy with an experienced and knowledgeable QOZ consultant. Marks Paneth’s QOZ specialists are highly skilled at guiding clients through the structuring of transactions and compliance with Treasury regulations and annual audit requirements to ensure maximum tax benefits. We also leverage our extensive relationships in the real estate industry to connect clients with professionals who can help them identify and pursue the right QOZ investments.

Services include:

  • Consulting on taxpayer eligibility
  • Assistance with fund structuring
  • Annual audits of financial statements
  • Financial projections
  • Analysis of investment impact, including projection of results after 10-year period
  • Tax planning and advisory
  • Semi-annual testing of QOZ eligibility
  • Tax filing preparation
  • Representation before the IRS and other tax authorities
  • Integration of QOZ tax incentive with other tax credits

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