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Nonprofit Agendas, February/March 2008

February 1, 2008

In this issue, some topics discussed include new AICPA auditing standards, the distinction between sponsorship and advertising, how the IRS perceives contractors and employees and simple solutions for small organizational checks and balances.

A Brave New World for a New Form 990

By Michael McNee |  Robert Lyons  |  February 1, 2008

On February 29, 2008, Michael McNee and Robert Lyons of the Nonprofit and Government Services Group presented a webinar entitled "A Brave New World for a New Form 990." This event discussed significant IRS changes to Form 990 and what they mean for the industry.

Real Estate Advisor, January/February 2008

January 31, 2008

In this issue, some topics discussed include the recent spike in sales of life-sciences-related facilities, a new tracking system designed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase water conservation, components of commercial building depreciation and current demographics of apartment rentals.

Auditing Alternative Investments

By Michael McNee  |  January 1, 2008

Auditing alternative investments presents unique challenges. As an auditor, it is critical to evaluate processes used by your clients to help support valuation and existence assertions in the financials.

Preparing for a Fraud Investigation: A View from the Trenches

August 1, 2007

Case study: New York Corp (NYC), a Manhattan-based maker of household products, such as tableware, cookware and flatware, manufactured all of its goods in a New Jersey plant for over 100 years. A year ago management decided that, to remain competitive, the company would move its manufacturing operations to Tijuana, Mexico. The new Tijuana plant is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NYC.

Global Presence, Local Excellence

June 1, 2007


JHI is a leading international business association for independent business advisers, financial consulting, and accountancy firms. JHI exists to support the development of its member firms by facilitating communications, exchange, networking, and resource sharing worldwide. Its members benefit from global networking while maintaining total practice independence.

Rethinking Peer Review from the Inside Out: A CPA Journal Panel Discussion on Quality Review

Mar 1, 2006

In the past five years, the accounting profession has seen a great deal of discussion about self-regulation and what it means. In 2004, then-NYSSCPA president John Kearney appointed Stephen F. Langowski to head a Quality Enhancement Policy Committee to study all of the ways quality...

Communicate Right From the Start

January 1, 2006

Understanding exactly what your employer is looking for from you, will determine how satisfied and successful you will be with your job. Good communication can quickly help set you on the course to becoming a superior performer.

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