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Emergency Congressional Measures in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 22, 2020

During the past several weeks, important legislation related to the pandemic has been enacted or is currently in negotiation.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Preparedness Checklist

March 21, 2020

Download our Business Continuity Checklist for guidance as you identify and address key pandemic planning considerations.

IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadline to July 15, with Unlimited Tax Payment Deferral

March 21, 2020

The IRS has postponed federal tax filing deadlines from April 15 to July 15 for taxpayers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, aligning the due date with the tax payment deferral.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Announces Extension of Federal Tax Filing Deadline to July 15

March 20, 2020

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the federal tax filing deadline would be extended from April 15 to July 15. New York State announced that it would be extending its tax filing deadline to July 15 as well.

Alert: Taxpayers Can Postpone Federal Payments Until July 15

March 19, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Treasury Department has issued guidance (IRS Notice 2020-17) allowing taxpayers to delay making certain federal income tax payments until July 15, 2020 without interest, penalties or additions to tax.

Data Analytics Done Right: Successful Adoption of Analytics in Commercial Real Estate

Featured: Dean Boyer  |  Mar 17, 2020

Dean Boyer, Director in Marks Paneth’s Technology Services Group, discusses the growing applications of data analytics in commercial real estate and outlines best practices for the successful adoption of data analytics as a business strategy.

COVID-19 Preparedness - A Message From Our Managing Partner

By Harry Moehringer  |  March 16, 2020

We have been closely monitoring the uncertainly caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and have taken multiple steps to protect the well-being of our employees, clients and colleagues, while also ensuring that we will continue to meet our clients’ business needs.

Alert: Financial Assistance for Small Businesses Affected by the Coronavirus

By Howard Hoff  |  March 16, 2020

A program is being implemented by the NYC Department of Small Business Services to provide financial support to businesses impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Alert: Checklist for SHIELD Act Compliance

By Melissa Ouari  |  March 10, 2020

As of March 21, 2020, organizations that do business in New York State must be in compliance with the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act. We have developed a checklist to help clients achieve compliance.

Anthony Delfiner Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

Featured: Anthony Delfiner  |  Mar 9, 2020

Anthony Delfiner, Partner-in-Charge of Marks Paneth’s Pennsylvania offices, was profiled in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Leaders in Finance” issue.

Preparing for the Coronavirus: Business Survival Planning

By Melissa Ouari  |  March 3, 2020

Organizations need to incorporate pandemic planning into their business continuity efforts to address situations like the coronavirus, especially key components involving people, process and technology.

The Stoler Report: Opportunity Zone Update 2020

Featured: Abe Schlisselfeld  |  Feb 28, 2020

Abe Schlisselfeld, Partner-in-Charge of Marks Paneth’s Real Estate Group, appeared on an episode of The Stoler Report to discuss recent updates to the Qualified Opportunity Zones Program.

John Mitchell featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

Featured: John Mitchell  |  Feb 24, 2020

John Mitchell, Partner-in-Charge of Marks Paneth’s Pennsylvania offices, was profiled in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Leaders in Law” issue.

Real Estate Perspectives, Winter 2020

February 20, 2020

In the latest issue of Real Estate Perspectives, our industry experts provide tax tips, examine commercial real estate trends, analyze the state of the affordable housing industry and more.

Analytics - Friend or Foe

By Dean Boyer  |  February 20, 2020

Dean Boyer, Director in Marks Paneth’s Technology Services Group, explains how to properly introduce data analytics into your real estate business and maximize your results.

Don’t Overlook Valuable Tax Credits This Year

February 19, 2020

By: Anthony Delvalle, CPA | Shmuli Fromovitz, CPA

Real Estate Group professionals Anthony DelValle and Shmuli Fromovitz highlight three commonly overlooked credits that individuals and real estate businesses may be able to take advantage of on this year’s returns.

Real Estate Partnership Debt Financed Distributions and the Effects of Interest Tracing

By Steve Brodsky  |  February 19, 2020

A recent Tax Court decision highlights the appropriate treatment of partnership interest expense from a debt-financed distribution.

The Evolution of the 421a Tax Exemption Program

February 19, 2020

By: Vivian Martinez, CPA | Matthew Hausman, CPA

The popular 421a Tax Exemption Program was extended in 2017. Partner Vivian Martinez and Manager Matthew Hausman examine what has changed and how clients can utilize and benefit from the new program.

Affordable Housing: State of the Industry

By Gina Citrola  |  February 19, 2020

Affordable Housing specialist Gina Citrola provides a state of the industry report on the federal government’s primary program for incentivizing private investment in affordable housing, known as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

20/20 Vision: A Closer Look at Commercial Real Estate Trends

February 19, 2020

By: Darya Shneyder, CPA | Erin Kiernan, CPA

Partner Darya Shneyder and Senior Manager Erin Kiernan examine trends in commercial real estate, including the expanded presence of tech giants in NYC and the impact that local and global politics, policy and law will have on owners, developers and the rest of the industry.

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