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Emerging Regulations and Consumer Expectations Require Solid Data Privacy Protocols

By Hassan R. Khan  |  November 17, 2021

A wave of new regional data privacy regulations has washed over the landscape since 2018 aimed at making our digital experiences safer and more secure. The evolving regulatory environment and increasing consumer demand require organizations to create strong data privacy protocols.

What to Do When Your Data is Held Hostage? To Pay or Not to Pay?

By Hassan R. Khan  |  July 28, 2021

What should you do if your organization is the victim of ransomware? Learn how your organization can protect itself against the 100,000 new variants of ransomware that are released every day.

Resiliency During Uncertain Times: Resilient Leaders Will Lead Societal Change by Reimagining the Future of Work

By Hassan R. Khan  |  June 18, 2021

Technology leaders today are in a unique position to help their organizations reimagine the future of work. It is time now to pivot, to take the lessons learned during this pandemic and use them to reimagine the future. By pivoting successfully, resilient leaders will create resilient organizations.

Cyber Crime 101: Ways to Protect Yourself Online

By Hassan R. Khan  |  June 7, 2021

Each year, businesses lose hundreds of millions of dollars because of cybercriminal activities, and the annual costs of cybercrime are predicted to reach $10.5 trillion. Here are some steps technology leaders can take to minimize cyber risk and keep cybercriminals at bay.

Colonial Pipeline Attack Puts Spotlight On Cybersecurity:
Is Your Business Secure?

By Hassan R. Khan  |  May 18, 2021

Following a series of highly publicized cybersecurity incidents in recent months, including the Colonial Pipeline attack, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on May 12 to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and to protect federal government networks.

Resiliency During Uncertain Times: To Protect Your Nonprofit from Another Crisis, Focus on Business Continuity Planning and Best Practices

By Hassan R. Khan  |  March 29, 2021

Continuing to focus on sound business continuity practices can protect your organization in the advent of another crisis.

Resiliency During Uncertain Times: What’s Next for Technology Operations and Investments?

By Hassan R. Khan  |  February 25, 2021

As COVID-19’s ramifications ripple through the global economy, one thing is certain: technology will be among the most powerful weapons in every organization’s arsenal for responding effectively and decisively to this challenge. Nonprofits and higher education institutions will not be an exception to the norm.

Maintaining Internal Controls for a Remote Environment

By Hassan R. Khan  |  November 23, 2020

Internal control environments are constantly evolving with employee departures, software updates, offered services and programmatic changes. However, given these unprecedented times, there is potential for higher risk of fraud, internally and externally.