Damages in Labor and Employment Disputes: Designing the Economic Damages Model and the Role of the E

October 26, 2011 | Download PDF

Labor and employment disputes may result from allegations of employment discrimination, and from work-related injury, wrongful death incidents, or medical malpractice. In many cases, such disputes lead to claims of lost earnings and other compensation, and may also include a claim of damages to family members. Differences in the nature of the claim, the basis of ‘but-for’ and post-incident compensation, potential inclusion of damages to family members, along with jurisdiction-specific rules are just some of the factors that render the estimation of damages in these matters complex. The general economic environment makes the task more complicated still. A fitting economic model, one that accounts for relevant factors and is structured as allowed by the specific jurisdiction, is at the heart of the proper estimation of damages. The economic expert, serving as part of the litigation team, can and should play a central role in developing it.

See Josefina's article originally published in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel November 2011.

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