Nonprofit & Government Times, June 2021

June 23, 2021

Nonprofit newsletter March 2021

For Nonprofits, E-filing Required for Most Tax and Information Returns
By Magdalena M. Czerniawski

As the IRS requires increasingly more tax and information returns to be filed electronically, nonprofits are finding that E-filing is faster, more accurate and results in faster refunds when they are due. However, smaller nonprofits accustomed to filing paper returns are sometimes challenged by e-filing.
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Practical Guidance for Implementing the New Lease Standard Relief for Nonprofits
By Daniel McEwee and Sibi Thomas

The joint project between the FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board to enhance financial reporting standards for leasing activities has been underway since back in 2006. The time is now for organizations to adopt the reporting practices they will need to comply with the new lease standard.
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Resiliency During Uncertain Times: Resilient Leaders Will Lead Societal Change by Reimagining the Future of Work
By Hassan Khan

Technology leaders today are in a unique position to help their organizations reimagine the future of work. It is time now to pivot, to take the lessons learned during this pandemic and use them to reimagine the future. By pivoting successfully, resilient leaders will create resilient organizations.
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