Sareena M. Sawhney featured in "Who's Who in Women in Professional Services"

December 28, 2011

Sareena M. Sawhney, MB, CFE, CFFA is a Director in the Litigation and Corporate Financial Advisory Services Group at Marks Paneth & Shron and is on the Board of Editors for the Financial Fraud Law Report. She was featured in "Who's Who in Women in Professional Services" in the October 28 – November 3 issue of Long Island Business News. She has more than 10 years of litigation experience. Ms. Sawhney focuses on providing services in the areas of complex fraud investigations and forensic accounting examinations as well as services related to commercial litigation and comprehensive damage analyses.

Ms. Sawhney's experience includes conducting fraud investigations, forensic examinations, calculating commercial damages, purchase price dispute analyses, lost profit analyses and bankruptcy fraud analyses for midsize to Fortune 500 companies. She has served as a testifying expert witness. She has worked with counsel to develop case strategies, assisted counsel with depositions and with preparing reports and exhibits for trial.

In the article about Ms. Sawhney, she focuses on how accounting firms attempt to distinguish themselves from others and how the effective use of technology can benefit clients:

"Increased competition in the accounting industry means that more firms are attempting to differentiate themselves. And the slumping economy has also resulted in clients seeking greater value from their accounting firm. The effective implementation of technology can lead to enhanced benefits for clients since tasks may be able to be completed with improved efficiency. Nonetheless, accounting firms must demonstrate the value they provide in an era of heightened competition."

"As a Director in Marks Paneth & Shron's Litigation and Corporate Financial Advisory Services Group, I often manage large, complex fraud investigations and forensic accounting examinations that involve the analysis of large amounts of data in a limited period of time. I rely on analytical and software tools to help me scrutinize the data and find where potential irregularities may exist. Specifically, this enables me to focus on and investigate only those transactions of interest, often resulting in tremendous cost savings to the client. Often in financial fraud cases, I review thousands of documents and have to quickly help a client identify those which are "key" in an investigation. This is another example where I rely on technology to help me search and organize the documents in an efficient manner which can also result in substantial savings to the client. Implementing such technological tools has resulted in our fraud and forensics group being ranked third in the New York legal community by the New York Law Journal, and this has helped differentiate our firm from others."