Angelika Paskins and Alan Blecher Featured in Financial Advisor

By Alan M. Blecher  |  February 3, 2021

Marks Paneth’s Angelika Paskins and Alan Blecher co-wrote an article, “IRS Planning 50% Increase in Partnership Audits,” that was recently featured in Financial Advisor. In this article, the authors note that because partnership audits are expected to increase by 50% this year, it is critical that partners and partnerships are aware of the new centralized partnership audit regime and how it will affect them in the event of an audit.

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About Alan M. Blecher

Alan M. Blecher

Alan M. Blecher, JD, is a Principal at Marks Paneth LLP. Mr. Blecher has considerable experience serving high-income and high-net-worth individuals and their closely held businesses. He focuses especially on partnerships, limited liability companies and S corporations. He has been in public accounting since 1985. He has been involved in tax planning for numerous transactions, such as those involving public debt offerings, sales of family businesses and restructurings of distressed entities, among others. Mr. Blecher... READ MORE +

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