Data Science and Management

Our Technology specialists help clients generate value by leveraging data assets, aligning people and enabling technology that yields actionable insights. We focus on:


  • Review Goals and Objectives
  • Evaluate Data Acumen
  • Propose Best Practices
  • Deliver a Data Strategy Roadmap


  • Data Integration (ETL and External Data Acquisition)
  • Data Cataloguing
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Cloud Best Practices


  • Data Visualizations - Dashboards
  • Data Mining – Affinity Analysis, Predictive Modeling, etc.
  • Business Intelligence Application Development
  • Analytic Assets – CFO Accelerator, PE Board Packages, etc.


  • Data Literacy Training
  • Data Stewardship Advisory
  • Data Compliance Newsletter
  • Data Governance Best Practices

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Dean Boyer
Director, Technology Services
Melissa Ouari
Senior Manager, Technology Services


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