Marks Paneth offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity and risk mitigation solutions that complement our audit, tax and accounting services and support our commitment to assisting our clients with every aspect of their businesses. These services are delivered by an experienced team of professionals who have handled cybersecurity and digital data forensics for corporations, high-profile individuals, nonprofits, and government agencies such as the National Security Agency, Department of Defense and FBI.

Our suite of cybersecurity services include:


     Cybersecurity Review and Risk Assessment

  • Acquire critical information on client’s network architecture, applications and devices
  • Perform framework-based assessments and audits including SOC2, Type II
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments to discover and/or verify potential attack avenues and venues for threats
  • Develop customized risk matrix report based on threat, vulnerability and impact to business operations
  • Identify prioritized recommendations to increase cybersecurity

     Cybersecurity Remediation Assistance to IT Staff

  • Assess IT controls and potential flaws in technology and business processes
  • Consulting services to help IT staff remediate network deficiencies & increase overall cybersecurity posture

Incident Response 

     Response to Cybersecurity Breaches

  • Immediate response to cybersecurity incidents to limit impact, shorten recovery time, lessen expenses and restore stakeholder confidence
  • Address ransomware and cyberextortion incidents
  • Serve as intermediary between client and cyber attackers
  • Gather and preserve critical evidence for possible civil or criminal action

     Data Leakage and Exfiltration

  • Identify root cause and steps for containment
  • Define impacted data and work with counsel to address possible notification requirements
  • Coordinate with appropriate law enforcement agencies

Regulatory Compliance:

     Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

  • Certified PCI Security Standards Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI)
  • Evaluate client’s network with regard to PCI Standards and provide guidance on meeting compliance requirements

     Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Meaningful Use Assessment

  • Evaluate enterprise with regard to HIPAA security rules, standards and specifications
  • Provide remediation advice and assistance related to suspected incidents

Digital Data Forensics:

     Digital Forensic Analysis of Devices

  • Preservation, forensic imaging (acquisition), analysis of digital media and report of findings
  • Professional investigation services and eDiscovery
  • Provide expert witness testimony and deposition support

Litigation Support

  • Assist with locating and preserving relevant data and communications for potential and pending litigation
  • Assist in facilitation of required compliance and/or regulatory actions with external stakeholders
  • Provide expert witness testimony and deposition support

Marks Paneth’s cybersecurity offerings are provided through a strategic alliance with Sylint Group, Inc., an internationally recognized cybersecurity and digital data forensics firm and one of only 15 firms in the U.S. accredited by the National Security Agency (NSA).  For more information, please contact your Marks Paneth advisor or email