Marks Paneth Outlines Departure Tax in Recent Article

By Solomon Packer  |  September 4, 2008  |  Download PDF

Solomon Packer, Senior Marks Paneth International Tax Consultant, publishes Corporate Business Taxation Monthly article on the recently enacted U.S. departure tax, which taxes built-in gains in excess of $600,000 from assets owned by “covered” expatriating U.S. citizens and long-term residents who relinquish their green cards.

About Solomon Packer

Solomon Packer

Solomon Packer, CPA, JD, LL.M., is a Senior Consultant at Marks Paneth LLP. He specializes in the area of international taxation. In this capacity, Mr. Packer advises foreign persons and corporations on how to do business in the US and, conversely, advises US corporations on how to conduct business overseas in order to effectively reduce their worldwide tax exposure. His areas of specialization include international mergers and acquisitions, tax issues related to foreign ownership of... READ MORE +

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