Demand for Results Dampens Fundraising, Survey Says

December 7, 2015

An article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that donors to a nonprofit organization are increasingly looking for a social return on their gifts and investments and that nonprofit leaders say that this mounting demand adds complexity to fundraising.  The article goes on to cite Nonprofit Pulse:  A Leadership Survey, Marks Paneth’s most recent survey of nonprofit organizations.  Most nonprofit leaders – 53% – say it is possible to report definitive social return on investment (SROI) results within a year of a donor’s investment.  But nearly half or 47% of these leaders give a challenging or extremely challenging rating to the difficulty of raising funds in a competitive environment with higher expectations for SROI.
The 114 nonprofit sector leaders participating in the survey included Board Chairs, Presidents, Executive Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers, Chief Operating Officers, Development Directors, Vice Presidents and Board members.
Read more:  The Chronicle of Philanthropy
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