Nonprofit Executives Say Board Members are too Removed from some of their Key Responsibilities

July 15, 2015

Nonprofit executives recognize their board members’ passion for the mission but say directors are removed from some of their key governance responsibilities.

Those are among the findings of Nonprofit Pulse, a national survey of nonprofit leaders by accounting firm Marks Paneth.

On the plus side, 73% of nonprofit executives say their boards “have a passion for the mission,” and most (61%) say their boards are engaged but don’t micromanage. Further, most (57%) say directors “closely monitor financial expenditures” and have “strong attendance” at meetings (54%).

But when it comes to some specific and sometimes mission-critical activities, board members fall short in the eyes of many nonprofit executives, according to the survey findings. (It included over 100 executives at nonprofits with annual budgets between $10 million and $100 million – namely Presidents, Executive Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Board Chairs, Treasurers, Development Directors and Vice Presidents.)

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