Intangibles in a Transfer Pricing Context: Reflections on the Ninth Circuit’s Decision in

Featured: Angela Sadang  |  April 15, 2020

Angela Sadang, Principal in Marks Paneth’s Advisory Services group, wrote an article featured in the Q1 2020 issue of Morison KSi’s quarterly publication Global Tax Insights. Her article, “Intangibles in a transfer pricing context: Reflections on the Ninth Circuit’s decision in, Inc. v. IRS Commissioner " examines key takeaways from this landmark case and its large impact on the scope of the IRS’s discretion in making adjustments based on its interpretation of broad language within the US Tax Code.

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About Angela Sadang

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Angela Sadang is a Principal in the Advisory Services group at Marks Paneth LLP. Ms. Sadang specializes in business valuations and the valuation of intangible assets and has over 20 years' experience providing corporate financial consulting services and performing valuations. She serves both publicly traded and closely held companies in a wide range of industries that also involves various asset classes. Ms. Sadang is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as designated by the CFA Institute and is... READ MORE +

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