The OMB’s Proposed Changes to Uniform Guidance

By John D'Amico  |  June 4, 2020

John D’Amico, Partner in the Professional Standards Group at Marks Paneth LLP, wrote an article titled “The OMB’s Proposed Changes to Uniform Guidance" that was published in the CPA Journal. The article provides a summary and explanation of the proposed changes that would address the impact of the President’s management agenda on the Uniform Guidance, align the Uniform Guidance with other authoritative source requirements, and clarify requirements regarding areas of misinterpretation.

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John D'Amico, CPA, is a Partner within the Professional Standards Group at Marks Paneth LLP, which is responsible for monitoring quality control in the firm as mandated by professional standards. He specializes in pre-issuance reviews and inspections of nonprofit organizations, governments and Single Audits. Mr. D’Amico also provides consultation on accounting and attestation matters and tests and monitors the firm's quality review policies and procedures. He teaches continuing education classes for the firm and on... READ MORE +

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