Double Taxation: Many Commuters Are Hit With NY State Residency Taxes - Even Though They Don't Live

March 18, 2008

Alan Dlugash, High Net Worth Tax Specialist at Marks Paneth, Available to Discuss Why Many Non-NY Residents Are Stuck Paying NY State Residency Tax, as Well as Tax in the State They Reside

New York, NY - (March 18, 2008) – There's an often-forgotten rule that requires commuters -- and even visitors to New York, those with a pied-à-terre or those people who stay regularly with a friend - to pay New York state residency taxes in addition to the taxes they pay in their home state.

Alan Dlugash, Partner at Marks Paneth, a New York City based accounting firm with a substantial high net worth taxation practice, is available to discuss this wrinkle, which many people believe is unfair.

"Unfortunately, as the tax code stands now, commuters are often getting taxed for NY residency when they buy or rent a place in NYC, even if they only stay over in NY for a few days out of the year. People are usually unaware of this and often shocked by it," said Mr. Dlugash.

During a conversation, he can discuss:

  • Which tax issues commuters should consider before renting or purchasing a pied-à-terre in NY.
  • How even staying with a friend in NY can make you subject to NY state residency tax.
  • Other surprising dimensions of the New York state tax code.

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