Marks Paneth Introduces New Brand: Success Is Personal

As a firm with over 100 years of growth and success behind it, Marks Paneth has initiated and embraced the opportunities that have made us the top-50 firm we are today.

Through the many changes along the way, one thing has remained the same: our approach to people. We place a priority on the people behind the numbers – our clients and our colleagues. This emphasis drives our passion in getting to the heart of what makes them and their businesses tick.

Marks Paneth is pleased to unveil our new brand campaign, Success is Personal. The campaign defines our Marks Paneth brand experience as a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, a commitment to their unique goals and a relentless determination to help them reach success. With dignity, authenticity and a deep sense of community, Marks Paneth shares in our clients’ passions to help move their businesses forward.

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