LEADS Initiative

LEADS (Leadership | Empowerment | Advancement | Diversity | Success) is a firm-sponsored initiative that promotes the retention and professional development of women at Marks Paneth. Led by current and future female leaders of the firm, the LEADS group hosts events, workshops, social gatherings and educational opportunities that bring both female and male employees together in support of four core goals:

  • Attract and retain a diverse talent pool at every level
  • Create and facilitate networking opportunities for professional women
  • Promote the skills and experience of our exceptional women
  • Increase the number of women in leadership and partnership roles

For more information about the LEADS initiative, email leads@markspaneth.com.


Hope Goldstein Hope Goldstein, CPA
Co-Partner-in-Charge, Nonprofit, Government & Healthcare Group
Ashley Dumoff
Associate General Counsel
Meredith Hauptman
Senior Manager, Human Resources

PamelaCianciotta DeanaWetzel

Interesting Work, Great People

“I’ve been here just over three years and my clients have varied from real estate, to jewelry manufacturers/wholesalers, to fast food franchisees. I’ve been exposed to both audit and tax work, giving me a better understanding of how businesses actually function. The best part has been the people I work with. My team is hard working and knowledgeable—which motivates me to be on my best game—not to mention a lot of fun to hang out with.”

Manager, Commercial Businesses Group (Rutgers Business School)

Dedicated Teams, Client Relationships

“I’ve been here just over six years. I love the balance the firm affords for work and family life. That said, our dedicated employees are willing to help at any moment and go the extra mile in order to get the job finished. We have a great relationship with our clients and we’re constantly trying to stay ahead of the game.”

Manager, Commercial Business Group
(Iona College)

Recognition, Flexibility, Trust

“In comparison to another midsized firm where I worked, Marks Paneth truly recognizes and appreciates employees' hard work. It also offers flexible schedules. If I have come to work later some mornings, I can make up my hours by staying later or working on the weekend. I always feel trusted to get my work done.”

Director, Nonprofit, Government & Healthcare Group (CUNY Baruch College)

Opportunities to Grow, Friendly Culture

“My internship with Marks Paneth gave me the opportunity to try both tax and audit which helped me pave my career path. The great work/life balance at Marks Paneth and my knowledgeable peers, who are always willing to help, have had a huge impact on my growth here. ”

Supervisor, Tax Group, (Pace University)

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