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China Desk

Marks Paneth’s China Desk assists China-based businesses and individuals looking to work, invest or do business in the US. Our professionals help maximize financial returns while minimizing tax consequences through effective structuring. We also establish tax-effective strategies for reinvestment or repatriation of profits.

We are a valuable resource as you acquire and manage businesses in the US. We assist with the due diligence process preceding mergers and acquisitions and the post-acquisition integration and management of those businesses. In addition, our fluent Chinese-speaking professionals can connect you with strategic business partners for assistance with raising capital and securing other business funding.


  • Transfer Pricing
  • EB-5 Investor Services
  • Financial Statement Preparation (US GAAP and IFRS)
  • Financial Instrument Valuations
  • Tax Accrual and Disclosure Preparation (US and PRC Taxes)
  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Cash Flow Management

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 China Desk Biographies

Group Leader

William H. Jennings
Co-Partner-in-Charge, Real Estate Group, Partner-in-Charge, China Desk and Florida Office

William H. Jennings, CPA, HCCP, is the Co-Partner-in-Charge of the Real Estate Group at Marks Paneth LLP.  He is also a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, which sets policy and strategy. 

With more than 35 years of experience in public accounting and a keen focus on the real estate industry and its needs, Mr. Jennings has spent nearly his entire career with Marks Paneth and its predecessor firms.  During this time, he has made many contributions to both the public accounting and real estate industries.  He prepared and consulted on the first market rate conversion of a Mitchell-Lama housing development in New York City.  He has helped structure equity take-outs, low income housing tax credits, opt-outs, Section 8 mark-to-markets and assisted clients in acquiring financing. Additionally, he has been instrumental in affecting changes to HUD policy regarding mark-to-market Section 8 renewals.